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The UK leader of the project Dr. Hazel Prichard visited Jadavpur University during 14 April to 18 April 2013. She has presented an invited talk in the Department of Geological Sciences on ‘Platinum from the Earth’s core to urban waste’. Ph.D. research scholars and M.Sc dissertation students of Dr. Sisir Mondal’s group (Sarifa Khatun, Ph.D Research Scholar, 2008-2013; Ria Mukherjee, Ph.D Research Scholar, 2009-ongoing; Sukesh Ranjan Sarkar, M.Sc. dissertation student, 2011-2013 and Uddipta Kar, M.Sc. dissertation student, 2011-2013) have interacted with Dr. Hazel Prichard during this visit.
Dr. Hazel Prichard visited Jadavpur University with a research scholar Robert Knight during 25th October to 14th November 2013. During this visit we have conducted a joint fieldwork from 27th October to 10th November in different chromite mining districts in the Orissa and Karnataka states.
Recently Ria Mukherjee CSIR Senior Research Scholar from Sisir Mondal’s group has visited Cardiff University for 7 weeks under the UGC-UKIERI project. During this visit Ria Mukherjee has conducted several analytical works on the samples from India using SEM-EDS and LA-ICP-MS. She has received intense training and collected high-quality data for the ongoing research work under this project.
Team members from the Hazel Prichard’s group and the laboratories in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences supporting UGC-UKIERI project
Iain McDonald and the LA-ICP-MS Peter Fisher, Saioa Suarez and the SEM
Robert Knight, Research Scholar Prof. Hazel Prichard
Dr. Sisir Kanti Mondal
Associate Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
Jadavpur University
Dr. Hazel M. Prichard, Reader
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Cardiff University