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The UK leader Dr. Hazel Prichard visited Jadavpur University with a research scholar Robert Knight during 25th October to 14th November 2013. During this visit we have conducted a joint fieldwork from 27th October to 10th November in different chromite mining districts at Nuasahi-Sukinda areas in the Orissa state and Nuggihalli-Byrapur-Tagdur-Bhaktarhalli-Jambur-Aladahalli-Tiptur-Tallur-Mysore areas in the Karnataka state. During this fieldwork the research scholars and M.Sc dissertation students from Dr. Sisir Mondal’s group have received extensive training and interacted with Dr. Hazel Prichard and her Ph.D. research scholar. In addition, we have collected ~300 Kg of samples for our research project, which we are utilizing for various analytical studies. Experts from different mining companies have also interacted with Dr. Prichard and Dr. Mondal during this fieldwork. Here are some of the photographs of the joint fieldwork.
Dr. Sisir Kanti Mondal
Associate Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
Jadavpur University
Dr. Hazel M. Prichard, Reader
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Cardiff University